Testimonials of Women Who Have Had Abortions


"Surgery – (that’s what they call it). They put us on gurneys and put us through like cattle on a conveyer belt. So sad."

"I was 18 when I got pregnant. At three months pregnant I had an abortion. About seven years later I was listening to a Christian radio broadcast. It described an unborn child during an abortion procedure. It talked about the baby’s frantic attempts to escape the tools of the abortionist and how the child’s heartbeat accelerated as it sensed apparent danger. My heart broke. I was so overcome with grief. How could I have taken the life of my unborn child?"

"Panic in my heart. Knowing it was too late."

"What have I done? What kind of person could do this? I want it all to do over, Please God. Obsessed with how old my child would be – what he looked like, if he forgave me. Hatred for
myself, for being weak. Anger at boyfriend for not being white knight and saying "it’s all going to be o.k., I love you, I will love this baby, together we’ll make it work." Now, I cried hysterically most times and my arms would ache so terribly from agonizing to hold that child that I’d hug a teddy bear just to have something there."

"An abortion can take your baby from your body but never from your heart."

"Please understand that by aborting your unborn child that does not make the baby go away. Your baby will be in your heart until you die. After abortion – the guilt and shame and loneliness is horrible. Once you abort, you cannot go back and change it."

"I was an emotional wreck. The following day I was empty, sad, numb. I knew that day I had made a huge mistake. I wish with all my heart I would have done things differently."

"I had 4 abortions. Due to one of them, my uterus was lacerated. I will never deliver a child natural. My first child delivered, Dillon Matthew, could not be carried to full term because of my
incompetent cervix and uterus. My membranes apparently ruptured at 24 ½ weeks gestation. My son died 13 weeks later. That was the most traumatic experience I’ve ever gone through."

"After the first abortion, I did get more depressed, I developed a very angry character; I became very violent. The second, I really didn’t notice a change. By the third I had a really low self-esteem and after the fourth, I became extremely promiscuous and self-destructive, throughout the years, with each abortion, I became more and more depressed and I gained more and more weight."

"Abortion appeared to be the only answer. At the clinic I was told the procedure would be quick and safe, allowing me to continue my activities the next day."

"I turned to the nurse and told her I didn’t think I could go through with it. She held my hand, telling me it would be over in a few minutes. Be fore I could reply, the suction machine was turned on, causing tremendous pain."

"I was frightened, it hurt so much. I wanted to scream. I wanted it to stop. I suddenly knew there was a baby inside. They were killing my baby!"

"Limping to the recovery room I felt nauseated, weak and defeated. I couldn’t stop crying, and neither could the other women there. My life was irreversibly changed at that moment. I cried for days and weeks – eventually years. I felt so dirty, so guilty, so unworthy to live."

"I would end up sobbing in a corner, fearful I was going crazy. It culminated one evening when I tried to cut my wrists with a broken plate. This desperate act scared me into getting help."

"Through counseling I let go of my anger and accepted the forgiveness that Jesus offers. Months later I forgave myself and began to mourn the loss of my child."

"I never realized I was going in for a surgery to have my baby killed."

"Don’t believe them. They want your money! Which ever decision you choose between adoption or abortion you will always wonder about that child, his or her looks, personality, smile, character. I wonder those things. You are a mother if you are pregnant. You will still be a mother if you abort, only you will be the mother of a dead baby! You have a living growing baby in your womb. Give him life."

"Immediately after my abortion I went to my job at a local fast food restaurant. I proceeded to the restroom and filled the toilet with blood. I was very, very scared. I knew this was not normal. I knew my periods weren’t like this. The cramping was excruciating. The bleeding got worse. I believe now when I look back, I was hemorrhaging. I had blood clots the size of grapefruit. I bled like that for two more days."

"It was as if we were in an assembly-line, we were all waiting to have our babies vacuumed out of our bellies. I know how this has shattered lives."

"When the actual procedure was over I felt very empty. It was still a roller-coaster ride because of the bleeding."

"We are not animals, we are human beings with a conscience, with the ability to stay pure for the person God has intended us to marry. I wish I could have given my virginity to my husband whom I truly adore. I felt violated and raped for $350."

"Growing and maturing in a relationship with God has taken the pain from my past sins. Jesus alone is the only healer of our hurts. Going through the grieving process for my child, as you would for anyone you’ve lost to death is very important. For those that have had multiple abortions, your sin is not worse than my abortion of one. Sin is sin. Ask God for forgiveness, repent – He sees them no more."

"I remember that horrible day 21 years ago. The drive to the abortion clinic, the waiting, the other women, those last seconds of consciousness before the anesthesia set in, lying alone on the gurney as I placed my hands on my stomach and inwardly screamed 'I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.' As I drifted into unconsciousness, I remembered feebly pulling the hospital gown down and sliding it between my legs, semi-consciously hoping that then they couldn’t get to my baby."

"My deep pain about the unnecessary death of a child…my child. It was like reading an obituary. I’d close my eyes and see this tiny helpless little baby6 peacefully floating in amniotic fluid, did it struggle, did it die quickly…oh, how I hurt."

"My eldest daughter’s response…"Mom, you knew I always wanted an older brother or sister, so why did you kill them?…I had no answer."

"I know millions and millions of women across this country feel as I do about abortion, we all somehow know deep down inside that we alone made a horrible decision and no coined phrase
about choice and rights or the denial of biological and fetal facts can ever erase the truth. For we as mothers instinctively know during those still moments of aloneness, that we ended the life of a separate human being growing inside of each and every one of us."

"I could find no one to help me."

"Planned Parenthood is a big lie! What happened to me was not counseling, it was a plan to make money off my mother and myself by lying and tricking us at a very vulnerable time."

"I realized that my baby would die a horrible death and I knew I would be in pain both physically and mentally and I knew this was wrong. Planned Parenthood told me nothing about the saline abortion procedure but the way it sounded, just the name itself "saline", I knew I was in for the worst experience of my life."

"The physical pain of a saline abortion is very great. After being injected with the saline, the pain begins. I felt labor pains for approximately 16 to 18 hours, there is never a moment when the pain stops. The medication given to me to help the pain not only didn’t work but caused much vomiting and diarrhea."

"I felt so, so, so lonely!!"

"I really though I loved the baby’s father but I don’t know if I was just with him because I was desperate for someone to love. He wanted a sexual relationship and I just gave in thinking I could
handle it, but I couldn’t. After the abortion I just didn’t feel the same about him anymore. He wanted to continue to have sex and I was in too much pain (emotionally). We stopped seeing each other and when I did see him he would curse me out and call me a "baby killer." He did that 2 times. One time when I saw him at a party and another time when I saw him at a bar. I believe he was very hurt to lose a child to abortion. I’m sure he felt like he had no say in this decision. I believe, that men can be emotionally traumatized by abortion."

"I can share that as a result of that abortion it has been difficult for me to get pregnant or carry a baby to term. Now at the age of 39 my husband and I are still in hopes that one day we will bear children."

"I remember coming out of the anesthesia and being in tremendous pain, lots of severe cramping. I moaned and groaned because of the discomfort and the nurse kept coming by and telling me to shut-up the noise. The pain was so intense that I began vomiting."

"I was deceived because I was not told the truth about what an abortion means to the life of an unborn baby. I was not told that there were other options. I was not told that at 10 weeks (which is when I had my abortion) my child was already fully formed. I was made to believe that I was doing something that was as natural as going to the dentist for teeth cleaning."

"But there will come a time when you will regret not knowing the joy of raising your child. There is always a reminder of what kind of person your child would have been."

"Now that I think about it, it really was a selfish choice."


[Information taken from Prolife America]

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