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                     Stern on Abortion
                     Stern: I am so much for abortion. I believe abortion should be allowed all the
                      way up to the ninth month.  What do you
                      think of that?
                     Robin (sidekick): Tenth month.
                     Stern: Because the worse thing in this
                      world are unwanted children.
                     Robin: Tenth month you should say.
                     Stern: Right. Tenth month. After the first
                      month of being born they should be allowed
                      to be killed.
                     Robin: Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha. That's how much you're for abortion.
                     Stern: You're not kidding. I love abortion. I believe in it wholeheartedly.
                     Robin: It's the greatest thing this country has ever put out.
                     Stern: It is. It's the greatest thing ever.
                     Robin: Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha.
                     Stern: It's the greatest thing we do....

                     Responding to recent comments that Gary Bauer made, saying "We
                     are destroying 2 ½ million children a year," Stern viciously attacks the
                     unborn child. (January 27, 2000)
                     Stern: Children. Some crappy little fetus. Some hunk of junk. Some snot in a
                     Robin: Let's deliver all these blood spots. And see if they can survive on their
                     Stern: Yeah. Let's deliver them and put them on Gilligan's Island.
                     Robin: Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.
                     Stern: I would like to have sex with Gary Bauer and get him pregnant.  See if
                      he wants to have the baby. What a freak! Can you imagine a guy telling a
                      woman she has to have a baby.
                     Robin : Yeah. It's none of your business.
                     Stern: Oh my G--. That's an awfully pompous view of the world. ...

                     Stern to pro-life Christian (November 11, 1999):
                      "I hate you.  You're an idiot.  I can't stand dumb people.  If I was President, I
                      would have you gassed.  I would march you into the ovens."

                      "We will kill as many babies as we want, and you can't stop it...I'll tell you,
                      when I ran for governor, I said we'll fill all the pot holes with fetuses.  And I
                      meant every word of it."

                     Stern on killing:
                      "It's Veteran's day today.  You know, I served in the Vietnam War..I killed a
                      lot of gooks...I killed them all.  I killed at least 17 children.  I killed the whole
                      schoolhouse full of children.  Who knows how many were in there?  You
                      count the fingers."

                     Stern, the day after the Columbine massacre:
                      "There were some really good-looking girls running out with their hands over
                       their heads.  Did those kids [the suspects in the Columbine High School
                       murders] try to have sex with any of the good-looking girls?  They didn't even do
                       that?  At least if you're going to kill yourself and kill all the kids, why wouldn't
                       you have some sex?"

                     Stern, to man whose father passed away (November 2, 1999):
                      "Your father was a bi-- and you are my bi--.  And soon, I'll have sex
                      with both your rotting corpses!  Your father was a loser!"

                     Stern, on a Los Angeles ceremony marking the Holocaust Remembrance
                     Day, for which occasion a Jewish philanthropy had donated $10,000 to help Kosovo
                     refugees (Wall Street Journal 4/26/99):

                      "I'd like to donate an oven."

                     Stern on Catholic Priests and pedophilia (December 7, 1999):
                      "The biggest predators are these priests.  Now, let's be frank. Stop acting
                      like this is sacrilegious to say.  They're the biggest predators on the

                      "This whole thing of  putting on a collar, all of a sudden,  you're above
            's a lot of bull.  These are people with mental  problems…Most
                      religious people, deeply religious people, are  mental.  They need a crutch
                      every step of their life.

                     Stern on homosexuals as Boy Scout leaders :
                      "I don't have a problem with that...If you're going to have Boy Scout leaders,
                      gay men are no more perverted than heterosexual men. It's true."

                     Stern quoted in Reuter Newswire 11/2/99:
                      "It's OK for a man to commit adultery if his wife is ugly."
                      "An ugly man with no money might as well cut off his (male organ)."

[Taken from the American Family Association]

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