Population Growth

~Evidence of a young world~

Using the most unlikely of sources, population growth can be used to substantiate creationism. Statisticians can calculate - using normal growth patterns - how long it would take to get today's present world population of around six billion persons.

Dr. Henry Morris has calculated that an average growth of only 1/2% per year, which is 1/4 the present rate, would yield the present population in just 4,000 years. This allows ample room for periods of time when, because of war or disease, the population growth rates were far below the normal averages. Dr. Morris points out that it is statistically inconceivable that only six billion people could have resulted from one million years of evolutionary history. Even if the population increased at only 1/2% per year for a million years, the number of people in the present generation would exceed 10 ^ 2100!  To fully appreciate the ludicrous nature of the evolutionary model in this regard, consider the fact that only 10 ^ 130 electrons can be packed into the entire universe! Obviously, the creation model of human chronology offers the more reasonable figures on man's antiquity. Man's history clearly spans only thousands of years, not millions. And this fits perfectly with the indicated age of the world from the Bible.

[My appreciation to Scott Huse and his book "The Collapse Of Evolution"]

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