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1. (a) If your wife or husband wasn't related to you before you married her or him - you didn't marry a human!

The point is, every human is related because we are all descendants of one man and one woman (I Cor. 15:45; Gen. 3:20; Gen. 5:4; Acts 26). The reason we can be saved is because Jesus became our relative to die for His relatives (this is why He is called the "last Adam" - God provided another "Adam" to pay the penalty for sin). Now we don't marry someone closely related to us today because of the problems with our genes resulting from the curse.

This is why it's so important to be able to answer the question, "Where did Cain get his wife?"

2. (a) When we understand the event of the Flood, and that all the kinds of land animals were carried on the Ark, and that the Ark landed in what we call the Middle East - then we can definitively answer this question!

3. (d) Usually when we think of "prehistoric" animals, we think of those that the evolutionists teach did not live beside man - like dinosaurs. This term usually also means "before recorded history".

However, the Bible records history from when it began (Gen. 1:1), so nothing can be considered "prehistoric". We are also told that all of the land animals were made on day 6 alongside Adam and Eve.

4. (a) It's surprising how many people answer "b" to this question. Because people have been so indoctrinated by evolutionists, even many Christians believe that animals we now call dinosaurs can't be mentioned in the Bible.

However, if God made all the land animals on day 6, and Tyrannosaurus rex was a land animal, then obviously God told us when He made Tyrannosaurus - day 6!

5. (a)  This is answered above

6. (d) Because the Flood of Noah's day so destroyed the earth - we wouldn't have a clue where the Garden of Eden was located. The present Tigris and Euphrates rivers are sitting on thousands of feet of sedimentary rock containing billions of dead things - fossils. The Garden of Eden could not have been on top of dead and diseased animal remains - death was the penalty for sin. Obviously Noah used names he was familiar with when he landed in this area after the Flood.

7. (d) This is covered above

8. (a) Many people have been trained wrongly to think that scientists start with evidence only to develop their theories. Actually, everyone has presuppositions (or beliefs) that determine how they look at evidence.

Creationists and evolutionists do not have different evidence - they have the same world - they have the same "facts" - they interpret the facts differently because they have different presuppositions.

For instance, a Christian who starts with the biblical understanding that no death of animals or humans existed before the fall of man, and that the world was judged by a global Flood,  he will interpret the evidence of the Grand Canyon layers (that contain billions of dead things) differently than an evolutionist who believes that millions of years of death occurred before man evolved.

9. (c) It is true that many church leaders today do not believe that God created in 6 literal days, and do not accept that the earth is only thousands of years old. However, when you read their writings or speak to them, invariably you find the reason for these beliefs comes from "outside" the Bible - they have accepted the evolutionary teaching of billions of years for earth's history.

10. (c) Sadly, most Christians do not understand that ultimately, directly or indirectly, all Christian doctrine is founded in the book of Genesis. Thus, to understand the meaning of doctrine, one has to understand and believe the book of Genesis.

11. (d) Many people don't understand that real "science" involves using your five senses in the present. This is why we could develop our technology to build aircraft, computers, space shuttles, and so on.

However, when dealing with the past - scientists don't have the past. Evolution is not science in the sense of being observable, testable, repeatable, etc. What human observers witnessed reptiles turning into birds, or life beginning in a primieval soup millions of years ago? None did, of course.

Because what you believe about where you came from affects your whole world view - evolution can be called a religion. For instance, American astronomer and author Carl Sagan used evolution to try to justify why women can abort babies!

12. (d) See answer 10 above

13. (d) (See also answer 10) - Sin can only be defined as "rebellion" if there was a literal rebellion in a literal garden. If Genesis was just myth or allegory, then sin could be defined any way anyone wanted to. In other words, we would determine the meaning according to how we saw the allegory or myth.


The more you can get Christians to think foundationally, building their thinking on the Bible, the more they'll be able to defend their faith and teach their children to have a solid foundation that will not break up under the onslaughts of the evolutionary humanistic teachings that permeate our culture.

[This test is courtesy of Creation ex nihilo magazine]

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