Dinosaurs and the Bible

    Few Christians today can explain what the Bible says about the dinosaurs. However, the answers are plain to see if one will just read the Scripture!
    My first question to the curious inquirer would be, "Were the dinosaurs land animals?", to which the answer is yes. Next, I would ask, "When were the land animals created by God?" They were created on Day 6 - the same day as man. Thus, the dinosaurs were created on Day 6. We must learn to depend on Scripture and not solely on man's fallible theories.

Dinosaur Bones

Just How Old Are They Really?
The Bible indicates that man and the dinosaurs lived together, since they were created on the same day of creation week (day 6). Is there evidence of this in the historical record? Most certainly. In fact, there are so many accounts that they have spawned a new scientific field - cryptozoology - which is the study of "missing or hidden" animals. These also include sightings and evidence of dinosaurs and man together up until the present day.

Dinosaurs and the book of Job

    The Bible apparently mentions dinosaurs elsewhere in Scripture as well. The book of Job is an ancient book, and Job probably lived immediately after the Flood, between Noah and Abraham. Two animals are mentioned in the book of Job which could certainly qualify as descriptive of dinosaurs. (One must remember, however, that the word "dinosaur" wasn't coined until the 1800s. They were just another kind of animal in ancient times).


Chapter 40 speaks of "behemoth", who "ranks first among the works of God" (v.19 - probably due to its size). It had a tail like a cedar (v.17), it lived in the marsh (v.21), and even a raging river would not alarm it (v.23). It was said to be too large to either trap or capture (v.24). Scholars have speculated that this could have been something like a Brachiosaurus or "Ultrasaurus", which grew to up to 60 feet tall. (On a side note, some Bible translations say that behemoth may have been an elephant or a hippopotamus. But these animals don't have tails like cedars!)

Here is a reconstruction of Argentinosaurus in a park in Uruguay. This dinosaur is the largest so far discovered at over 100 tons and 60-70 feet tall. Could it have been behemoth?

Note the woman by its front leg. Click HERE for a larger image.

A Dragon In The Bible?

    Chapter 41 in Job speaks of an even more curious creature called "leviathan". It also lived at the water, possibly to support its great bulk. Its hide couldn't be pierced by harpoons or spears, since it had armor plating (vv.15-16). It had fearsome teeth (v.14), and the mere sight of it was overpowering (v.9). And most significantly, this animal breathed fire! "His breath sets coals ablaze, and flames dart from his mouth" (v.21). It seems unlikely that the tales of fire-breathing dragons in ancient times could come into existence without a strong factual basis. Dinosaur fossils have been excavated that show a strange protuberance with an internal cavity at the head. It is conceivable that this could have served as a sort of mixing chamber for combustible gasses, which could ignite when exhaled into the outside oxygen.
    Many times the Bible speaks of "dragons", especially in the Old Testament, though some versions have translated this word as "jackal". One must remember that none of the writers of the Holy Scriptures had ever heard of the word "dinosaur", so they came up with their own word to describe fearsome beasts.
    Dragons have always been portrayed in art as having fierce, gargoyle-like faces. Interestingly enough, "gargoyle" is a French word, originating from "dragons which roamed the riverbanks" in times past. This certainly fits the description of leviathan, which lived in or near the water's edge. And large, fearsome animals in Bible times were called "dragons".


[My appreciation to Dr. Henry Morris for his insight into Job.]

- If dinosaurs truly lived alongside man instead of dying out millions of years ago, then wouldn't sightings of them be recorded down through history? Most certainly. However, due to the popularity of evolutionary theories among scientists (who are very intolerant of other origins theories), the accounts of these sightings are usually suppressed, blacked out, or ignored. Only the Christian media and creationists organizations (such as Answers In Genesis or Creation Ministries International) by and large tell of these sightings. Sometimes curious evolutionists will publish such accounts, and they are always explained away as "great mysteries!"