Dinosaurs And The Bible

Few Christians today can explain what the Bible says about the dinosaurs. However, the answers are plain to see if one will just read the Bible!

My first question to the curious inquirer would be "Were the dinosaurs land animals?" to which the answer is yes. Next, I would ask "When were the land animals created by God?" They were created on Day 6 - the same day as man. Thus, the dinosaurs were created on Day 6. The Bible wants to teach us as long as we leave all our preconceived notions and evolutionary thinking behind. We must learn to depend on Scripture and not solely on man's fallible theories.

If dinosaurs truly lived alongside man instead of dying out millions of years ago, then wouldn't sightings of them be recorded down through history? Most certainly. However, due to the popularity of evolutionary theories among scientists (who are very intolerant of other origins theories), the accounts of these sightings are usually suppressed, blacked out, or ignored. Only the Christian media and creationists organizations (such as Answers In Genesis or Creation Ministries International) by and large tell of these sightings. Sometimes curious evolutionists will publish such accounts, and they are always explained away as "great mysteries!"

Dinosaurs and the Book of Job
The Bible apparently mentions dinosaurs elsewhere in Scripture as well. The book of Job is an ancient book, and Job probably lived immediately after the Flood, between Noah and Abraham. Two animals are mentioned in the book of Job which could certainly qualify as descriptive of dinosaurs. (One must remember, however, that the word "dinosaur" wasn't coined until the 1800s. They were just another kind of animal in ancient times).  

Job 40 and 41


Dinosaurs and Man Together
The Bible indicates that man and the dinosaurs lived together, since they were created on the same day of creation week (day 6). Is there evidence of this in the historical record? Most certainly. In fact, there are so many accounts that they have spawned a new scientific field - cryptozoology - which is the study of "missing or hidden" animals. These also include sightings and evidence of dinosaurs and man together up until the present day.