"Religious" people

    "Oh, Mark is real religious....."

    Does this statement ring a bell? Do you consider "religion" as kind of a pie slice in life, like being into sports, or work, or one's boyfriend\girlfriend? If you do, then you should realize something.....

    Everyone is religious. To be "religious" is merely putting one thing ahead of everything else, and giving adoration or devotion to it. People do that with all kinds of things: money, sex, power, themselves, their significant other, pleasure, food, their career, children, etc. And Christians merely put their highest devotion and amount of time into serving their Creator.

    Another way of looking at this subject is to see "religious" not as a pie slice analogy, but as the hub of a wheel. Whatever is the most important thing in one's life is at the center, and everything else springs from this.

    So, remember - every one of us has placed something in the center of his life, which is more important to him than anything else. This is his religion.

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