My Favorite Links

Christian links

Creation Ministries International - One of the foremost creation-based ministries in the world. Solidly Bible-based and providing endless resources for both adults and children based on a historical Genesis, including their magazine "Creation."

Christian News Headlines - Top news stories from a Christian perspective; good and up-to-date

Voice of the Martyrs - A site dedicated to the persecuted church.

Reasoning From The Scriptures Ministries - Ron Rhodes heads up this ministry. He's written some fantastic books on reasoning with Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Catholics and Masons. He's a master of biblical doctrine.

American Family Association - this Christian ministry keeps tabs on anti-family movements and activities such as abortion, homosexuality, banishment of prayer in schools, Howard Stern, etc. They have regular updates.

Answers In Genesis - this is a creationist ministry which defends biblical creationism against evolution. Ken Ham is the CEO and his group provides many resources.

Christian Answers Network - a multi-faceted ministry which is a great place to get "defense of the faith" information. Everything from dinosaurs to evidence for the trustworthiness of the Bible to archaeology is here.

Watchman Fellowship - this is a national Christian ministry which reaches those in the cults with the gospel and which also teaches churches the errors of cultic theology. They have a great subject index of Watchman Expositor articles (their monthly magazine).

America's Christian Heritage - our founding fathers were either Christians or highly sympathetic to the Bible and the Judeo-Christian ethic. Get the quotes from their own writings at this site and refute the skeptics who manufacture revisionist history.