The Silent War

Ministering to Those Trapped in the Deception of Pornography

by Henry J. Rogers

"The Silent War" is a lifeline in a world in love with evil.

    With the amount of pornography which is inundating the country and the world, I felt that "The Silent War" should be promoted. It used to be that one had to risk being seen sneaking into the adult bookstore in the bad part of town (why are they always bad?) to obtain porn. Nowadays, if you just have Internet access, you can view the hardest of hardcore pornography from the safety and security of your own bedroom. This temptation has proven too great for many - even Christians. Lust and the craving for pornography can be an addiction, no different from alcohol or cocaine. This danger needs to be recognized, and if you're hooked on porn, or if you're merely concerned about the presence and accessibility of porn on the Internet, you should get this book.

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           Amid the smoky dance clubs and seedy sections of
            town, there exists a thriving pornography industry. But it
            doesn't end there, and so the danger to men is all the

            For in hotel rooms, trendy bookstores, television screens,
            and Internet Web sites, there is enough viewing of
            pornographic materials to trap lives forever.

            It is this world that author Henry Rogers reveals to us in a
            book that has too few peers. The shame and devastation
            of pornographic addictions literally kills marriages every
            day. The Silent War, through interviews, statistics, and
            other facts, traces the unraveling of American men by the
            claws of pornography. Rogers, chaplain for Interstate
            Batteries, discusses his own battle with this terrible
            addiction, then builds concrete steps for helping
            others climb out of the pit. He offers hope to thousands
            of people trapped in secret sin.

                           Table of Contents

            Forewords by Norm Miller and Kerby Anderson
            Introduction: A License to Lust

              1.Regarding Henry
              2.A Defining Moment
              3.We're at War
              4.She Has a Name
              5.Where in the World Is Ward Cleaver?
              6.Satan's Dynamic Duo: Hugh and Larry
              7.VCR--Very Corrupt Rendevouz
              8.Sorry, Wrong Number
              9.The Internet--The Brave New World of Porn
             10.A Place for "Gentlemen"
             11.Her Name Is Not Barbie
             12.The Lust of the Flesh--A Day of Vice
             13.The Peril of Pornography
             14.Triumph over Temptation
             15."But This Is My Daddy"
             16.The Wounded Wife
             17.Epilogue: Loose Ends

           (Published by New Leaf Press)


            "...(Henry Rogers') style is refreshingly honest and direct, sharing
            both personal experience and extensive biblical and psychological
            research. It offers hope and victory. I recommend this book not
            only for men seeking a way out but also to parents who need to
            prepare their sons from a young age to navigate the rough waters
            of modern society."
            -Luis Palau, Luis Palau Evangelistic Association

            "...Buy this book. Read this book. Apply it to your life... so that
            you aren't another tragic casualty in the war against sexual
            -Kerby Anderson, President of Probe Ministries

            "...he has seen it destroy families by crushing the self-esteem of the
            wife, enslaving the husband, and diminishing the marriage
            relationship. He is also very concerned for those who are involved
            in this destructive industry... He is one of the most genuine people
            I know, sincerely warm and compassionate... Read his book.
            ...This book could help a nation of men find victory over the
            temptations of pornography."
            -Norm Miller, Founder, Interstate Battery Corp.

            "The Silent War tackles the tough issue of pornography and its
            impact on Christian men. Too many men are losing the fight when
            God wants us all to be victorious. Henry Rogers understands the
            problem and clearly communicates the solution. Get the book to
            help other men or get it to help yourself."
            -Joe Gibbs, NFL Hall of Fame Coach, Former Coach,
            Washington Redskins, Owner of Joe Gibbs Racing

            "As any military man knows, when one goes into war there is a
            need to be trained and ready for the encounter. The book The
            Silent War is a much-needed writing for both Christians and
            non-Christians because of the addiction to pornography and lust
            that pervades our world today. If you want to be ready to win
            the battle and the war, The Silent War is a must read."
            -Brigadier General Dick Abel, USAF (Ret.), Exec. Dir.,
            Military Ministry, Campus Crusade for Christ

            "The Silent War is a look behind enemy lines of the largest battle
            men and their families face today that very few have the courage to
            talk about: sexual temptation. ...Yet, Henry also gives hope and
            inspiration to the weary traveler trapped in this web of lies and
            deceit... Every man and woman concerned about the decay of
            decency in our culture must read (this book)."
            -Daniel E. Panetti, Esq., Executive Director, Dallas
            Association for Decency

[Information taken from the Christian Answers Network]

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